On the Southern Scenic Route – part 2: Invercargill and Western Southland

The Southern Scenic Route is a scenic highway that links Dunedin to Queenstown on the South Island of New Zealand. Halfway through the journey, the road leads us to the city of Invercargill and Western Southland, where we will find wild beaches, little farming towns, and New Zealand’s deepest lake.

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On the Southern Scenic Route – part 1: roadtrip in the Catlins

It’s no secret that New Zealand is a paradise for roadtrip lovers. There is a dozen of themed highways, and multiple scenic routes across the main two islands of the country. One of my favourite drive is the Southern Scenic Route, a 610km coastal road on the south tip of the South Island, that stretches between Dunedin and Queenstown and goes through spectacular landscapes – cliffs, waterfalls, fjords and lakes.

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Vancouver’s Hot Chocolate Festival

I love hot chocolate. I’ve never been a coffee person, but I could drink hot chocolate everyday. In fact, a few years ago, I said I would travel around the globe in search of the perfect cup of hot chocolate. I even imagined writing a book about it. Now, although I’ve drunk a fair amount of hot chocolate in airports, hotels, train stations and cafés around the world, I’ve given up the idea of writing a book – but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up hot chocolate.

Last year, while on a trip to Vancouver, I discovered the Hot Chocolate Festival. I didn’t know there was such a thing, but I knew I was bound to love it. Surely, I was destined to go to Vancouver that February 2018.Read More »

Looking back at 2018: month-by-month recap

Christmas has come and gone, and now it’s time to get ready for the New Year. I haven’t written much on this blog since its creation – I still have two years of travel stories to tell, but I wanted to write something a bit different for the beginning of 2019.

Recently I’ve seen someone make a month-by-month recap of their year, and I got inspired. I think it’s a wonderful way to put things in perspective and see what was achieved in just 12 months. At first I thought I wouldn’t have much to say (2018 has been relatively low on adventures), but now after writing it I think it wasn’t too bad.Read More »